Step by step instructions to install Oracle 11g R2 with screenshots

So we are going to start with steps of installing Oracle 11g Release 2. First you have to download the setup of Oracle 11g R2. You can download it from HERE based on your requirement (32-Bit or 64-Bit).

Note: These instruction are only for installing Oracle 11g R2 in Windows (32 or 64 Bit) systems not for Linux or any other platform.

Select oracle setup for your platform on the link above and accept license agreement before clicking on download link. Before downloading you have to login on Oracle and if you don’t have an account register for free from signup link there. After login you can download both setup zip files ( &

Extract both the zip files in he same folder and run setup.exe.

It will ask for email address before installation for support purpose. If you want support from Oracle enter the email address and password of your Oracle account otherwise just click on next. It will then show a message to enter email address for oracle support. (If you have not entered your email address it will show a message just click yes to continue)

In the installation option select “Create and Configure database” and click next

Now select type of the installation you want to run on your system.

  1. Desktop Class
  2. Server Class

In these instructions we will continue with Desktop Class installation so select Desktop Class and click next

Now you will see a screen asking various path for the database engine. It will also show default path selected in the fields and if you want to change it then browse and select your path but my suggestion is leave the default path as they are and enter the Global database name and password of your choice.

Here it will show summary of all the settings before starting installation. Check all the settings and click finish to start the installation process.

After installation starts first of all database components will be installed

After complication of this installation a new window will open which will create and configure your database.

There is nothing to do for you here, it will automatically create and configure database.

When database is configured it will show another message box which contains some information of your database like global database name, SID and server parameter file name etc.

Click OK and that it. You are done with your Oracle 11g R2 installation.

Note down your Enterprise Manager Database Control URL from this window. This control URL runs on your your local system in your browser to manage your Oracle database instance.

To login to this manager control user these details :

  • Username : SYSTEM
  • Password : Password you have set during installation

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