Step by step instructions to install ODAC with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio

In my previous post you can find step by step instructions to install Oracle 11g R2. After installing oracle we have to install ODAC to connect our application to Oracle database.

You can download Oracle Data Access Components from these links : ODAC 32-Bit, ODAC 64-Bit

Extract the download files to a folder and run setup.exe file. The setup will start with a consol screen and then it will open a blue color welcome window.

Now click next and it will show two options there for the installation:

  • Oracle Data Access Components for Oracle Client
  • Oracle Data Access Components for Oracle Server

Select first option because we are installing ODAC for client not for server and click next.

In this screen you can choose the location on you hard drive where you want to install the components. By default it will show the path of the current drive from where you are running this setup. After setting your location or leaving default location as it is just click next.

Here you will see list of components to be installed and you can chose the components which you need on your system. My  personal opinion is to select all the components. I’ll select all and click next.

Now it will show a message and a summery window. Click next on both the windows and installation will start

And finally after installation is completed it will show the installation successful message with the path of the hard drive where components are installed.

Yes, we are all done with Oracle Data Access Components installation.


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