Export Oracle database using Oracle SQL Developer

Now it’s time to export your Oracle database with ease. This is the easiest method to export Oracle database I found so far. So let us start the exercise.

First thing you need for this exercise is Oracle SQL Developer installed on your system. For using Oracle SQL Developer you must have Java installed on your system. If Java is installed on your system and SQL Developer can’t find the file then it will show a dialog box to locate the java.exe file. After installing Java and selecting java.exe from the dialog box your SQL Developer will start and will show some useful tips. Read these tips or skip (as you wish)…

Now follow below steps to export you Oracle database in and SQL file (filename.sql)

  1. Select Database Export option from the Tools menu in Oracle SQL Developer.
  2. Now you will see a five step dialog box for exporting you database. In first step you have to select path and name of the SQL file where you want your database script along with the Oracle schema name (this is the database you are going to export). Also select DDL option before proceeding further like “Include Grants” to add script for assigned permissions on the schema. Click Next.
  3. If you schema password is not saved in SQL Developer then it will prompt you for your schema password. Fill the password and click Ok.
  4. Select object types you want to exports from your database. Select all if you want to export everything from you database and click Next.
  5. If you want to export some specific objects then type object name here and add them through arrow buttons or just leave it as it is to export all objects. Click Next.
  6. If you want to export objects with specific data then type data and click Go and add it to export list through arrow buttons or leave it as it is to export all objects. Click Next.
  7. This step will show a summary of you database export. Review you settings for database export and click Finish.
After clicking on Finish it will process the schema and database script will be stored in the file on selected location in first step. Export script will also be displayed in an SQL Worksheet.
Finally you database export script is generated and be prepared to import this database on another oracle instance (in my next article).

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