Download Visual Studio 2015 RC offline installer (ISO)

Microsoft has now published ISO file to download directly from their site. So now you can direclty download Visual Studio 2015 ISO from here.

Download visual studio 15 preview 3

I was having problem installing Visual Studio 2015 RC Community Edition using web installer package on my machine. I think problem was because of internet connection, I tried many times but after few minutes it looks like stuck in between.

So I searched for some offline installer download like ISO or something but no success. After few minutes of searching I found one method to get files download at once on one machine and then use same files to install on another machine. This sound promising to me so I followed the process and voila, it worked. This is useful because you can download all the files at once on a machine where you have good internet connectivity. I followed these steps on one of my server and downloaded all the files from there for installation where ever I want.

If you don’t want to follow below steps and directly want to download offline installer:!1580&authkey=!AGYzmqUWytdEiJs&ithint=file%2czip

If you too need the offline installer just follow below steps.

  1. Download web installer package from here by selecting Community or Enterprise Edition.
  2. After downloading web installer file put it in a folder for example C:VS 2015
  3. Open command prompt with Administrator permission (right click on cmd icon and select run as administrator)
  4. In cmd go to the installer file location using command “cd c:CS 2015“.
  5. Run command “vs_community.exe /layout” (I am downloading community edition). If you are downloading enterprise edition then replace vs_community.exe with vs_enterprise.exe.
  6. This will open up a window to ask for the location for the files which will be downloaded. Dialog box will look like this:
  7. Now it will start downloading setup files and you can find all the file on location you selected in step 6.

If you don’t want to follow these steps then I have made things very simple for you. I have already done all the needed steps and uploaded files in zip. Click below to download the file.!1580&authkey=!AGYzmqUWytdEiJs&ithint=file%2czip


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