Ecommerce SaaS platforms and Kartrocket Review (millions negative) – Part 1

From  past few years, I was planning to start an e-commerce site for some specific products, but only problem was I was busy and can not develop this portal myself. So I searched for some e-commerce platform available for the Indian market and luckily I found some like Shopify, Zepo, Kartrocket, Martjack, BoostMySale and many more. Actually list was quite big but I search in detailed only for these few.

Zepo and Martjack were developed on .NET so being a .NET developer I was having a soft corner for them, but none of them provide the source code of their platform, so I left that soft corner in a deep corner.

After researching for few weeks even after reading so many negative reviews of Kartrocket I registered for it. The reason was clear that all features I was looking for were only available in this platform. Initially my first choice was Shopify but because they do not provide checkout process on your own store domain (all orders on shopify store redirect to Shopify checkout page for payment) which was obviously not a good idea for making any brand, customers will easily know that I am using some other platform for my store.

After that, I searched for Zepo because it was cheap and still providing all the features but the only problem I found was they do not have good store themes. They hardly provide 30 to 40 themes to choose from and from then only 8 to 10 themes were responsive. Everybody knows that most of the users use internet on their smartphones or tablets so the responsive theme was a must. So I rejected that too.

Similarly after researching for other options I finalized Kartrocket because they were at least providing me everything that I wanted (I was not thinking seriously about their negative service reviews because their feature list was stopping to see that). But beleave me that was the biggest mistake of my life.

Now if I have to rethink on all the options then think I should go for Shopify, because if it used worldwide and I didn’t find any such negative reviews.

Read the second part for detailed review of kartrocket here on my next post.


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