Ecommerce SaaS platforms and Kartrocket Review (millions negative) – Part 2

For those who don’t want to read complete article and want to ask my opinion about Kartrocket? My answer will be a BIG NO!!!


This is the first time I am writing any review and I have decided to do it because I was literally frustrated with the service I paid for.

Even after reading so many negative reviews about Kartrocket I pushed myself to register an account with them for 15 day trial which was later extended to 30 days and then I paid them 3 months subscription about which was around INR 10000. Now you might think that how fool I am that even after knowing all the service issue I registered my store with the, but if you can read my previous article then you will understand why I opt for Kartrocket service.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell one thing that they asked me that how I would like to pay? Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly orYearly. So I thought completely setting up store will take a month itself to I should go for at least 3 months. That is how I opt for 3 months subscription.

After registration and paying the amount they assigned a ‘go live’ expert to me so that he can assist and help me to go live as soon as possible. I was expecting this guy to be a knowledge person about their product and service because their sales person gave me this impression, but things were totally different. That go live manager didn’t replied to my calls for 2 days. Really? This is how I will go live ASAP?

Their system is developed on Opencart and deployed on AWS. Mostly they have all the default Opencart features along with some free extensions installed. They also did some customization and this broke complete system and added bugs in it.

I am a developer and so I know all the technical aspects and difficulties of any software product and I can even manage to resolve some of them if I get access to their code and database but because they just give you admin panel and store so I was not able to resolve these issue myself. So I called the sales person again to complain about manager and after that sales person conveyed my serious feedback than I got a call from him but issues were not resolved.

After few days I sent few of my issue via email and didn’t get the reply for few days.

One issue was that I was uploading product images which were around 200 KB in size but after uploading I save the file again on my desktop and found that every image size was increased by almost 100 to 200 KB. This was a serious issue because all my images were already big sized and their code was increasing it size even higher. So ultimately it was increasing my website load time and this issue was never resolved even after my 3 months subscription was completed and I moved to my own server and platform.

I even faced several incidents when I reported serious bugs which were block level issues where I was not even able to process my orders but they didn’t took action for more than 5 days. They also refused to resolve issues on weekends as they have weekend off even if the save issue was pending for complete week.

So if you would as my opinion about Kartrocket? My answer will be a BIG NO!!!


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