Solution for Visual Studio 2015 installation getting stuck during installation

In my previous article I shared series of incidents of issue I faced during installation of Visual Studio 2015 on my Windows 10 machine.

After searching a lot on google I found few informative links and I found them matching with my system environment.

I was using AVG Anti-Virus on my Windows 10 machine and this was the reason of this issue. Actually anyhow AVG was blocking Visual Studio 2015 installation in between and I and others too faced this problem mainly on Windows 10. Same issue could exist on older version of windows also (not sure because didn’t found any report of such issue).

Thing to note is that AVG is not only blocking Visual Studio installation but all other installation that uses msiexec

So for installation I disabled the AVG protection temporarily and for making installation successful I even killed AVG process from Apps section of task manager (I am not sure if it was really needed).

Below are exact steps that I followed to get successful installation of visual studio.

  1. Cleared temp folder. Open temp folder by typing %temp% in run window
  2. Restart system
  3. Disbale AVG Antivirus temporarily

  4. Terminate AVG App from task manager
  5. Start installation again as administrator


After some more research I found that this problem is not only with AVG, Avast is also creating problem and so are some other antiviruses. So it is recommended by Microsoft team to disable any antivirus or anti-malware program on your system before installing visual studio because these type of programs can block installation on some steps.

After installation also you might not be able to build any of your projects. At least I was not able to build any Cordova project. I checked for updates in visual studio and found that Cordova tools for visual studio update 3 was available to I installed and that worked like a charm for me. So my suggestion to update Cordova tools update 3 if you are using it on Windows 10.

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