Getting Started with Opencart customization – Installing vQmod in OpenCart

If you are an Opencart developer and want to make some changes or want to develop any extension for opencart then easiest way for doing this is vQmod. Though Opencart has integrated OCmod in its 2.x versions but still many of developers still like vQmod.

So here we go with installing vQmod in Opencart.

1. First of all we have to download vQmod from github. Heer is the link from where you can download latest vQmod for Opencart files

2. Now extract this zip archive and upload vqmod folder to your Opencart site’s root

3. After uploading this folder make sure that you have given 755 permission to index.php file in your website root and index.php file of admin folder. Don’t worry you can change this permission back to original later.

This write permission on both index.php needed because when we will install vQmod it will do some changes in thee two files.

Along with this you also have to give 755 permission to vqmod folder and apply it to all its sub folders.

4. Now open vQmod install.php file, its url will be like this

If you have not given 755 permission to both the index.php files then vqmod install.php will show you message that these files are not writeable.

If even after setting 755 permission you are getting this message then give 777 permission to both index files and vqmod folder along with its sub folders and files.

I hope this article will help you getting started with vQmod in Opencart. In our next article I will explain all basic operation in vQmod for Opencar.

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