Deployment Failed: Unexpected Exception – AWS EBS deployment error

Recently I was trying to deploy my .NET project on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EBS) using AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

Before this deployment attempt this same project was published on same EBS where I was just updating the project after making some changes. But unfortunately I was getting an error message (Deployment Failed: Unexpected Exception) every time I try to deploy the project on my AWS EBS instance and deployment gets failed hence EBS redeployed my previous deployed code again.

I searched for many days but none of the solution helped me resolve my issue and I started inspecting the changes I made between current and previous deployment.

After removing all the change I made in my aspx and cs paged I tried redeployment and it was really frustrating that I got same error (Deployment Failed: Unexpected Exception) and EBS again reverted my code to previous deployment.

Suddenly one thing strike in my mind that recently I updated AWS SDK in my project and after checked further I noticed that during updation process I mistakenly added AWSRegion appSetting twice in my project web.config file.

I just removed that extra appSetting and keeping all the changes I made and tried redeployment, Voylla it was deployed successfully this time.

So this silly mistake cost my 2-3 days but all well that ends well. So never do such silly mistakes like me 🙂

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