Send notification on Android, iOS and Web using FCM

Few month before Google has launched its new cloud messaging platform Firebase Cloud messaging which will replace its current cloud messaging system Google Cloud Messaging. Gogle has not yet deprecated GCM but it has stopped support on this platform and suggested all developers to use FCM from now onward.

Although google has provided interface to send FCM notification from its console itself but there are some limitations. Actually google has divided notification system in two types:

  1. Notification message
  2. Data messages

Notification Message is simple message which contains a text which will be displayed in the notification area of the device along with some other fields like notification title and display icon. We don’t need to handle them on client app. FCM will catch and display it automatically. This type of message can be sent directly from FCM Console. Just select your project and go to notification tab.

A notification message will look like this:

    "to" : "yourclientregistrationid...",
    "notification" : {
      "body" : "notification body",
      "title" : "notification title",
      "icon" : "displayicon"

Data Messages are more powerful where we can send any data we want to send in json format. Maximum payload for data messaged could be 4KB. This type of message need to be send via your own code.

A data message will look similar to this:

    "to" : "yourclientregistrationid...",
    "data" : {
      "field1" : "your content",
      "field2" : "your content",
      "field3" : "your content"

You can see the notification is replaced by data and unlike notification there can be any number of field with any name which you can handle in your client app code.

In next Article we will discuss how to send data notification in C# and PHP

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