Download Visual Studio 2017 ISO (offline installer) + Web Installer

This is a simple guide to download offline installer or ISO file for Visual Studio 2017.

As you all new Microsoft always provides web installer file for all new releases of Visual studio and on 7th March Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2017 and this time also they haven’t provided offline installer or ISO file of the setup so we are here to explain how you can obtain offline installer or ISO file from this web installer EXE.

There are 7 simple steps for doing this:

1. Download web installer exe from this link

2. After download put this file in any folder like C:VS 2017.

3. Open command prompt with admin access and move to your visual studio eve folder using command cd c:CS 2017

4. Now run another command in command prompt vs_setup.exe /layout (vs_setup.exe is your file name so you can write what ever is your file name)

5. This will open a windows to ask location on your drive where you would like to download the visual studio offline / ISO installer.

6. Now it will download your visual studio and after it is completed you can run setup where you have selected to download it and that too without internet connection.

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