Visual studio 2017 will be launched on 7th March 2017

Finally Microsoft is going to launch Visual studio 15 (Visual studio 2017) on 7th March.

This version of Visual Studio will be launched at an event which will be organised on 7th and 8th March. This will also be a celebration event for 20th Anniversary of Visual Studio.

Day 1 (7th March 2017) of the event will include Keynote and demos by Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Miguel de Icaza, and Scott Hanselman which can also be viewed on live streaming. They will show new things in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure etc.

Day 2 (8th March 2017) will be live interactive training day to teach how to be more productive using the all new Visual Studio 2017.

If you are interested in this event then you can register on this link

Apart from this live event there will be launch event by the Visual Studio community all around the world where developers can meet and collaborate in their local area.

You can even share a short story, video clip or image of your visual studio story. Share your story on Instagram, Twiter or Facebook with #MyVSStory

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