BLAZOR: Building client side web apps in C#.NET

There is a good news for all C# developers which love to develop web applications but don’t like JavaScript. Microsoft has come up with new client side development framework which enables us to write C# code on client side instead of JavaScript.

Reusable web UI component can also be created using C#, HTML and CSS. This mean client and server both are written in C# which can share libraries and code. This makes code size small and easy to maintain.

Below are few major features and benefits of using Blazor

1. Can run on browser and server

Blazor can run on client side directly on browser using WebAssembly. Another way of using Blazor could be by running client side login on server. In this method client events are sent using SignalR and after logic execution finishes changes are sent back to client which then updated DOM.

2. Share code between client and server side

Blazor can run on client and server both which makes it very easy to maintain code as code and libraries can be share between server and client side code.

3. Interactive Web UI in C#

You can write interactive web components using C# instead of JavaScript. You can also use ASP.NET features in your client side code to make it more user friendly and optimized.

4. Works on Open Web Standards

Blazor works on Open Web Standards which doesn’t need any code compilation like TypeScript or any browser plugin. It runs on same security sandbox like JavaScript and can do any operation we need when runs on server (like database interaction).

5. Interoperability with JavaScript code

You can use any client side JS framework and still you will be able to write your logic in C# as you C# code can call JavaScript APIs and libraries seamlessly. When Blazor is running on server it can execute any client side JavaScript code. Learn more about JS Interop.

6. Free tools available for every operating systems

You can use any code editor or your choice for development with .NET CLI tool. Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are one of the two best tools for Blazor development on Windows, macOS and Linux platform.

7. Great UI component ecosystem

For faster and interactive development there are various vendors like Syncfusion, Telerik, DevExpress etc providing various components.

8. Free and open source

Blazor is part of Open Source .NET platform, .NET core backed by 60k contributers. It is free with no licensing term or cost even for commercial use.

9. Active community

Blazor s supported by a big active community from 3700 companies producing good samples, great article and tutorials

Overall Blazor looks very promising for .NET technology stack as it can work almost everything what NodeJS can do and looks like Microsoft also has same plan for Blazor to make it as mature as Node is.