Add Splash Screen in Xamarin.Forms cross platform app – iOS

For showing splash screen in Xamarin forms iOS app we will need to follow below steps

  • Prepare/ Gather Images

We will be preparing our splash screen with a logo and solid color filled background. So for that we have two options that is prepare image for each of resolution type suggested by Apple or have and PDF format vector image through other resolutions are generated at run time. Keep in mind that PDF vector option will work only for iOS 8 and later.

  • Add image set and set image(s) in it

Double click on the Assets.xcassets under iOS project. It will option a page which two page which has two section left and right. Right click on left section and add an Image Set.

Now select newly created image set and select the logo vector in its cassette

  • Design launch screen storyboard

Now in final step we will design the launchscreen.storyboard to include our logo and set a background color. We are not going in much detail for this. If you need any guidance on it then follow this link.

Now you are ready to go and run the application to view your newly created splash screen