OutSystems: How to set value to expressions

This article is about a new platform which I have explored and did certification. The name of the platform is OutSystems and it is a low code platform. Low code platform means we have to write a little or no code to develop an application and OutSystems is one those low code platform in the industry right now along with Mendix, Appian etc

This post if about a small problem which many of my colleague are facing while exploring OutSystems using its own official courses.

In OutSystems Mobile App Development course there is one class Creating Application Exercise where they have also explained use of expression on any screen and assigning values to it. But there is a little thing which many of the developers think is missing and because of this they face problem while assigning values to expression using mix of a string, method response or any entity value.

One of my friend asked me this problem:

Please see attached screenshot from “Creating Applications Exercise”
So I am stuck at Step 3 (b) on page # 13. I am able to set “GetAppName()” for the Expression but that is not correct.

How to set the Expression to “Hello from “ + GetAppName() ?
There is no screenshot for this step, perhaps it is too simple but I am not able to locate it.

Yes, this is a simple thing to do but because he was doing it first time so got confused. He was not sure how to call method in expression value so he just set  “Hello from ” in value not complete expression including GetAppName() method as shown in below screenshot.