Send notification on Android, iOS and Web using FCM

Few month before Google has launched its new cloud messaging platform Firebase Cloud messaging which will replace its current cloud messaging system Google Cloud Messaging. Gogle has not yet deprecated GCM but it has stopped support on this platform and suggested all developers to use FCM from now onward.

Although google has provided interface to send FCM notification from its console itself but there are some limitations. Actually google has divided notification system in two types: Keep on reading

Setup remote access to IISExpress visual studio on LAN

Many times you might need to access your under development site on other computer of your local network. I mostly required this thing to debug my application on mobile devices or webview mobile apps.

Main problem that one face to access under development site on other network computers that their development web server is IIS Express which doesn’t allows access to remote computers to your site. Keep on reading

Ecommerce SaaS platforms and Kartrocket Review (millions negative) – Part 1

From  past few years, I was planning to start an e-commerce site for some specific products, but only problem was I was busy and can not develop this portal myself. So I searched for some e-commerce platform available for the Indian market and luckily I found some like Shopify, Zepo, Kartrocket, Martjack, BoostMySale and many more. Actually list was quite big but I search in detailed only for these few.

Zepo and Martjack were developed on .NET so being a .NET developer I was having a soft corner for them, but none of them provide the source code of their platform, so I left that soft corner in a deep corner. Keep on reading