Splash Screen in Xamarin.Forms cross platform app (Android & iOS)

Practically there is no way to show Splash Screen/ Launch Screen using Xamarin.Forms because Xamarin.Forms libraries load after loading of AppDelegate (iOS) or MainActivity (Android) is completed. There is no point in showing splash screen at this point of application lifecycle because splash screens are meant to be displayed while app libraries are loading and we don’t want to show users a blank dark screen.

Keeping that in mind we have to configure it separately in each platform. Our splash screen will contain a solid colored background and a logo placed on center of the screen. Follow below links for detailed walk-through to add splash screen on each of he platform. Keep on reading

Add Splash Screen in Xamarin.Forms cross platform app – iOS

For showing splash screen in Xamarin forms iOS app we will need to follow below steps

  • Prepare/ Gather Images

We will be preparing our splash screen with a logo and solid color filled background. So for that we have two options that is prepare image for each of resolution type suggested by Apple or have and PDF format vector image through other resolutions are generated at run time. Keep in mind that PDF vector option will work only for iOS 8 and later. Keep on reading

Debug multiple projects from one Visual Studio solution

When we try to troubleshoot issue in visual studio project having website and web service project both or may be troubleshooting different layers of visual studio project in solution we need to debug in multiple project.

Multiple project debugging is very simple but only difficulty is that Visual Studio keep is off by default. You can enable multiple project debugging with below simple steps in your solution. Keep on reading

Download Visual Studio 2017 ISO (offline installer) + Web Installer

This is a simple guide to download offline installer or ISO file for Visual Studio 2017.

As you all new Microsoft always provides web installer file for all new releases of Visual studio and on 7th March Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2017 and this time also they haven’t provided offline installer or ISO file of the setup so we are here to explain how you can obtain offline installer or ISO file from this web installer EXE.

There are 7 simple steps for doing this:

1. Download web installer exe from this link

2. After download put this file in any folder like C:VS 2017.

3. Open command prompt with admin access and move to your visual studio eve folder using command cd c:CS 2017

4. Now run another command in command prompt vs_setup.exe /layout (vs_setup.exe is your file name so you can write what ever is your file name)

5. This will open a windows to ask location on your drive where you would like to download the visual studio offline / ISO installer.

6. Now it will download your visual studio and after it is completed you can run setup where you have selected to download it and that too without internet connection.

Visual studio 2017 will be launched on 7th March 2017

Finally Microsoft is going to launch Visual studio 15 (Visual studio 2017) on 7th March.

This version of Visual Studio will be launched at an event which will be organised on 7th and 8th March. This will also be a celebration event for 20th Anniversary of Visual Studio.

=&0=& of the event will include Keynote and demos by Julia Liuson, Brian Harry, Miguel de Icaza, and Scott Hanselman which can also be viewed on live streaming. They will show new things in Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarin, Azure etc.

Day 2 (8th March 2017) will be live interactive training day to teach how to be more productive using the all new Visual Studio 2017.

If you are interested in this event then you can register on this link https://launch.visualstudio.com

Apart from this live event there will be launch event by the Visual Studio community all around the world where developers can meet and collaborate in their local area.

You can even share a short story, video clip or image of your visual studio story. Share your story on Instagram, Twiter or Facebook with #MyVSStory

Microsoft Visual Studio 15 Preview 4 released – Download Offline installer ISO

Microsoft has released preview 4 of its next version of Visual Studio that is =&0=&on 22 August 2016. You can see fill list of new feature on below link:


For downloading this preview version of Visual studio 15 you can use download option on below link:


But main problem most of the users experience is not offline installer available there. So we have a simple set of steps you can follow and download Offline Installer ISO of any version of visual studio.

You just have to download web installer exe from link given above and then follow steps described in two of our previous. Here are those articles:

Download Visual Studio 2015 RC offline installer (ISO)
Download Visual Studio 15 ISO (Offline Installer) using web installer EXE

Only difference in steps of these articles and your steps would that you have to use web installer exe download from above link instead of web installer file described in these articles.

Download Visual Studio 15 ISO (Offline Installer) using web installer EXE

Most of the time Microsoft release online installers for all its new visual studio releases and later after few months they publish ISO installers. I don’t know why they used to follow such practices which is so annoying specially in places where internet speed is not good or consistent.

I am also among those who faced problems with these online installers every time and that is why I published an article last year to download Visual studio 2015 from its online installer exe and then install it offline anywhere. Here is that article and I am going to use same steps for Microsoft Visual Studio 15.

You can download online installer (web installer) exe of Microsoft Visual Studio 15 from here

After downloading copy download file vs_enterprise.exe, copy it to any folder on your computer like c:/VS15. Now open command prompt as administrator and move to your directory where you have copied. Type vs_enterprise.exe /Layout and press enter.

This will open a dialog to ask where you want to download installer file, so just select the folder you want and continue. It will start downloading Visual Studio 15 on your system in selected folder.

After download is complete you can use these offline installer files to install it anywhere.

Visual Studio 15 Preview 3 released on 7th July 2016

Microsoft has released its preview 3 of Visual Studio 15. Yes it is Visual Studio 15 is upcoming version of Microsoft Visual Studio after Visual Studio 2015.

Being one of the most user friendly and feature rich IDE for application development Visual Studio is one of the most successful product of Microsoft. Now they are stepping to become next generation universal IDE which will be able to provide development on any platform and language. This is because in this version Microsoft has included feature to import iOS code from xcode (isn’t it a great new for all visual studio fans who want to use Visual studio as iOS development IDE?).

Here is the list of some new feature and enhancements you will get in visual studio 2015:

1. Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

It will come with Apache Cordova 6.1.1 so all new projects which you will create will target Cordova 6.1.1. Apart from that you will be able any plugin using their npm package name

One thing which we should take care of is that it does not support Windows  Store 8.1 application so you have to update your  Cordova project to target Windows 10.

2. Visual Studio Tools for Universal Windows App Development

Microsoft team has done many improvements based on feedback they got from users and now there are full list of new features as well for the users. One of them is updated .NET native chain which will provide improved performance for universal windows apps.

3. Android Development Support

Now Android project support Gradle to builds .apk and .aar

4. iOS Development Support

A new entry point wizard is introduced to import existing iOS projects developed in xcode. This is not the only thing there are lot more to try and for that you have to downloadVisual Studio 15

5. Improvements in C# and Visual Basic

There is very big list specially in this category which we can not describe here. One major thing which everyone would love (atleast I am very excited after knowing this) is now you can break strings in multiple concatenated strings without manually writing + sign every time. Just put your cursor where you want to split the string and press enter it will automatically do the rest. Sounds good!!!

6. Improved Feedback Workflow

This visual studio version has better and improve feedback collaboration and followup system.

7. NuGet 3.4

Now you will get NuGet 3.4 with this version of visual studio. This version of NuGet supports Android and iOS build action in contentFile element and running NuGet in Linux and Apple environment. There are many more features and enhancements you will get.

8. Debugging and Diagnostic

Now you can condition so that debugger will break only when specified condition is true.
There is new exception introduced to see exception information in a compact dialog with instant access to inner exception.

Image Source

9. IDE Improvements

Now visual studio will load 30 to 35% faster on first launch. There is all new version control status bar to keep track of uncommitted work ad make it easier to publish local repositories.

10. And Many More

This is not all there are many more features you will get in this full bundled visual studio package. You can check complete list here
Article Source

Setup remote access to IISExpress visual studio on LAN

Many times you might need to access your under development site on other computer of your local network. I mostly required this thing to debug my application on mobile devices or webview mobile apps.

Main problem that one face to access under development site on other network computers that their development web server is IIS Express which doesn’t allows access to remote computers to your site.


So for doing this on my machine I searched for solution and found some which didn’t worked for me but later when I did hit and trial with those solutions I got this working for me. So for other developers who might be facing similar situations I am wroting this article to follow these steps to access IIS Express site on remote computer.

Step 1 – Run command prompt as administrator (yeah you read it right, you need administrator permissions to run this command) and run below command:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://edunyte/ user=everyone

Not to mention that you have specify your application url in place of http://edunyte/ in above command. This url could be anything like your system name (like we have placed above) or you system IP address like You also have to specify the port in above command if your application is not running on default http port that is port 80.

Here is one sample of command if you are using IP and any port other then default http port:

netsh http add urlacl url= user=everyone

You an also specify the user name our user group to which you want to give access to this site remotely, for this you have to specify the user or user group name in place of everyone in above command. See the example below:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://edunyte:8080/ user=dilip

If you want to remove any previously added url just run below command by replacing our url with your (as explained above)

netsh http delete urlacl url=http://edunyte:8080/

Step 2 – Open applicationhost.config file from Documents/IISExpress/config and replace

<binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:8080:localhost" />


<binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:8080:edunyte" />


<binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:8080:" />

Use any option from above two based on you are using IP or system name for your site

Step 3 – In Visual Studio go to your project properties, select web and change project url from http://localhost:8080/ to http://dilip-pc:8080/ or (use name method which you used for binding in applicationhost.config and to register url through cmd)

Step 4 – This is a not to miss step you you have firewall on your development machine. Add inbound rule to allow incoming connection on your application port (in our case it is 8080). After adding this firewall rule only you can access your application on remote system.

Step 5 – Stop IIS Express by right click on tray icon and selecting exit. Now run you application in visual studio and try to open it on other system on network. For this just type your application url as http://edunyte:8080/ or (again this url depends on you configuration above).

Frankly speaking I was not able to access my IIS Express site on my mobile device using machine name so I am using it though IP right now. But actually same procedure should work for both that is IP and machine name.