[SOLVED] window.print not working in firefox

I have developed many web applications which contains print functionality. I usually rely on any third party library for doing this. Not because I don’t know any other method but because having full control on print content in my hand. Peoples used to ask me why I don’t use window.print. This is simplest way to print any content on web pages or in form of string.

Biggest problem with window.print is that it shows unexpected behaviour in some browser and on major of them is Firefox. When you simply print using window.print and use it in firefox then it will not work. Keep on reading

Setup remote access to IISExpress visual studio on LAN

Many times you might need to access your under development site on other computer of your local network. I mostly required this thing to debug my application on mobile devices or webview mobile apps.

Main problem that one face to access under development site on other network computers that their development web server is IIS Express which doesn’t allows access to remote computers to your site. Keep on reading

Register for GCM registration id in android application and receive and show notification

So after learning GCM process flow and how to create a project on Google Developer Console now its time to learn how to register device and android app on GCM and get registration id. This registration id is then used to send notification message on GCM server and GCM server delivers this message to our android device.

So first thing we need to do is install Google Play Services using Android SDK Manager. You can find Google Play Services under Extras heading in android SDK manager. Keep on reading

JSONObjectRequest example using volley in Android

When I started android development first thing I was stuck on was calling webservice with volley. The solutions I found was based on string requests (using StringRequest class) but I wanted to use JSONObject as parameter so I searched a lot but didn’t find any helpful information for using JSONObject. Finally I found one thing that there is another class in volley named JSONObjectRequest and using this we can send JSONObject to webservice.

So here I am sharing sample code of calling JSON webservice using JSONObjectRequest in volley Keep on reading

Blank page after payment on checkout success page – OpenCart CCAvenue extension issue

I wanted to use CCAvenue payment gateway on my store so I registered with CCAvenue and download OpenCart extension form their site. There were two options for this extension, first was for OpenCart version 2+ and other was for 1.5+. My store was on OpenCart 1.5.4 so I download second one and installed on my store.

After installation I configures all the information from my CCAvenue account and when I tried to place an order I was successfully redirected to CCAvenue payment page from my store but after payment I was redirect on a blank page of my store instead of payment successful message. I check in admin and found that payment status was update for the order so the issue was only correct message was not displayed to the customer. Keep on reading

Resolve Delimiter Issue While Creating Trigger Or Stored Procedure In MySQL phpMyAdmin

I was creating a trigger using Delimiter in MySQL phpMyAdmin and I faced a #1064 errorĀ  i.e.

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the  manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right  syntax to use   near '' at line 6

I have searched at many places but I didn’t find any solution, so I decided to post the solution here after resolving that error. The problem was that I was applying Delimiter at the end of every statement after declaring it. Thus, in phpMyAdmin, whenever we define a Trigger or stored procedure, we have to follow these steps: Keep on reading