[SOLVED] jQuery.text() method returning repeated text

jQuery has a method .text() which is used to get text of any html element. I have used it many times but one day it consumed my so much time because it was returning the text twice. I spent so much time but I didn’t get the issue. Then I read its details and I came to know if the selector which you are selecting to get text is present more than one time on your page then it gives the concatenated text.

For example, I was selecting an anchor tag under div having class filters, so my code was : Keep on reading

Bootstrap Multiselect Dropdown in ASP.NET Web Forms

Today I was working on one of my project and I noticed the need of selecting multiple values in a DropDownList. Being a .NET guy my first thought was to us ListBox because is gives same feature, we can selected multiple values by holding ctrl (control) key. But the reason for not using it was that it is not user friendly and its view is not good.

After searching for few minutes I found this Bootstrap Multiselect plugin. I was using bootstrap in my project as well so that was best fit for me. For other also it is very good tool and very easy to use with any platform. I used it with ASP.NET web forms so showing the same here. Keep on reading