Speed up Android WebView App by localising static resources

Recently I was developing an android app which was using a WebView to display some graphs on dashboard. Rest of application was build on native android code and only this dashboard portion was using webview to load a specific URL where dashboard graphs were displayed.

I used webview to load graphs because creating graphs is too complicated in android as compared to web. Also most of the android graph tools I found were not created to draw attractive graphs. Keep on reading

Show Splash Screen While Android WebView is Loading

In one of my recent application (which was a webview app) my client suggested to show splash screen while we are loading the application data (obviously client does not bother if this is webview app or native one) so here I am with a sample for all those who are in similar situation.

I am not going to explain all the basic things like create project and activity etc as we have already discussed this in my previous articles. Keep on reading